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Same Energy - image search engine *Old web gifs Human phenotypes Waifu2x - resize images with AI pointerpointer.com World of Wonder Art Makesweet Emoticons Emoticons (2) familiars.io Explore Geocities Astronomy Picture of the Day Homestuck.net Unsplash In-browser Mario Paint (V) Monterey Bay Aquarium live cams Robots! Internet bumper stickers in-browser sandbox orb.farm - in-browser aquarium Smilies, icons, and other pixel art glitter-graphics.com random face generator Flipnote archive 3D room planner password game how many of these words are in the Bible? Cloudhiker


mynoise.net noises.online calmyleon.com Every Noise at Once Video Game OSTs Boil the Frog (V) Dan Deacon Tiny Desk Concert Grayfruit's Jams My personal listening playlist
Hakita's Bandcamp Friday threads - one two three three four five


* What Football will Look Like in the Future (17776) *Crow Cillers * Fandom for Robots * PARTITION * (V) Dragon's Heaven (1988) *An Unathorized Fan Treatise * Theatre of Coolty The Unofficial Homestuck Collection Heartbreak Is The Same In Every Language The Greatest One-Star Restaurant in the Whole Quadrant Compulsory (a Murderbot short story) The Secret Life of Bots SCP-4857 SCP-3999 (V) Space Family Carlvinson (1988) Cough Bullet in the Brain Cycle


* Ruby Quest Ted's Caving Page Candle Cove Unedited Footage of a Bear Zygote Possibly In Michigan My house walk-through Marble Hornets


* (V) Can't Help Myself * To Survive On This Shore * North American Purgatory * (V) Window Swap Mauritian Sunset Unveiled Stray Light (V) Mutual Tunnels Luminous Earth Grid Music from Sarharan Cellphones (V) Until There Was Nothing Postcards from Google Earth Living Worlds (V) Change Return Object: Television + Radio Smithsonian Open Access (V) (CW) The Centrifuge Brain Project (V) Meshes of the Afternoon (sound optional) 22,000 animated gifs from the ~2000s Secret Selves


*"Everyone Is Beautiful and No One Is Horny" Korean Classic Films "I Like You": Desire for the Alien Other in FLCL Firestarter (FLCL) Exhaustlands 4-8 year old kids describe love Poems from fourth graders The Indie Web Find your ideal The Mountain Goats album Homestuck-like (complicated metaphysical) fiction recs End of the Internet