WRITING & ART - mothcpu

BETA READER - catboycephalopod

German translation by Danika with proofread by symply_Sym
Russian translation by raynoayanami
Italian translation by Annalisa Migliorati
Brazilian Portuguese translation by JezuzDShorts
Hungarian translation by mechabeetle
Spanish translation by Joaquín Nicolás Gussalli and Phantomsilverx
Simplified Chinese translation by ALC, Gymnopedie, Tula, and 06

Redirect link - V2isDead.com

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Audio track - LAST BLINK by World's End Girlfriend

End quote - Famous Prophets (Minds) by Car Seat Headrest

Title and chapter names - Dream's End Come True by World's End Girlfriend

Text excerpt - page 1 of House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

Posters on Mirage's walls (left to right):

The End of Evangelion - Primer - Stalker

Text from Hour II:

  • excerpt of I Have a Special Plan for This World by Thomas Ligotti
    • Italian translation - The Infinite by Giacomo Leopardi
    • German translation - The Sisters of Destiny by Johann Gottfried Herder
  • Proverbs 14:12-13, New King James Version

Art references:

  • Sweet Home 3D
  • Google Street View (Shirataka, Yamagata)
  • personal photo collection (USA, EU)

Inspired by 17776, a Hakita interview, and (of course) ULTRAKILL level 2-S.

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