Character Masterlist


Various original characters without a set plotline, unlike OVERTIME.
Click on gallery images to open the full file in a new tab! (WIP) indicates the character does not have an up-to-date reference sheet.


All these characters know each other enough to talk to each other at a party; the “friends” segment is for significant friends. I don’t have a story for them but they do all living in the same apartment. I have never had consistent references for any of these characters and I don’t think I'll start soon; they’re all lenient on design. It’s more about the general feel.


Soft-spoken dog lady who won't hesitate to cause mischief. Works stock at a health food store. Lives with Fennel, is dating Zach.

Gallery (WIP)

Full name: Abigail
Nickname: Abi/Bee (Fennel)
Age: ~25
Gender: woman lite (they/she)
Height/weight: 6'0" + 140lbs
Build: Tall and lanky, but fairly toned. Broad shoulders, strong sideburns.
Sexuality: ???
Race: Indian

Personality: strong and silent except the “strong” part is going ham on the cereal boxes at 3am. Introvert and will do a lot of things for the bit; looks mature, not actually mature.
Friends: Fennel (roommate, bff), Zach (partner)
Music taste: Indie folk, not pretentious about it (Emperor X, Mountain Goats)

Cool and hip? Chaotic cool, neutral hip
Will eat the pickles off your sandwich? Yes. Tasty.
Can dance/sing? Yes, no.
Read Homestuck? No, but likes the music.
Memes that describe them: picture of a dog through a wine glass so their face looks tiny

Extra notes:Hard-of-hearing (uses hearing aids) and commonly speaks in ASL. Can be portrayed with a dog head or a human head.


Weird art girl with a penchant for gardening. Lives with her brothers Zach (bio) and Finnian (adopted).


Full name: Arlynn Rose Vantas
Nickname: Arly / Rose
Age: brain 14, body 15
Gender: girl (she/her)
Height/weight: 5'4", 120lbs
Build: Average-thin, short
Sexuality: ???
Race: African-American (android body)

Personality: Steals seeds from Home Depot to plant in her garden. Powerful. Friendly and curious, but ready to get into trouble.
Friends: Leo (bff)
Music taste: 2010s Owl City, Vince showed her Mick Gordon and unfortunately she's hooked

Cool and hip? yes
Will eat the pickles off your sandwich? Yes, gladly!
Can dance/sing? Yes, yes.
Read Homestuck? No
Memes that describe them: This image

Extra notes: Has a garden on the roof of their apartment, and has a spot in Abi/Fennel’s apartment for gardening things so she doesn’t have to bring it upstairs all the time. Rin vocaloid voice kind of??


Tired single father in the form of a massive and biologically dubious creature. Lives with Leo (son), financially supported by the lab that created him but is also looking for part-time work.


Full name: Aviel
Nickname: Avi
Age: 20-30
Gender: agender (he/it)
Height/weight: 7'0" 300lbs
Build: Tall and large, broad shoulders
Sexuality: bisexual (male leaning)
Race: Moth/cat/lizard creature.

Personality: You will see him wearing only swim shorts at the 7/11 getting milk at 2am, because he has not given a shit in years. Neutral good, has cat characteristics.
Friends: Finnian, Sebastian, friendly rivalry with Zach
Music taste: Whatever the hell is on the radio, recs from other people, dad rock

Cool and hip? Average cool, super out of touch
Will eat the pickles off your sandwich? Yes, eats virtually anything
Can dance/sing? Yes, not really
Read Homestuck? :grimace:
Memes that describe them pictures of cats with wide shiny eyes

Extra notes: This is my fursona gone rogue. The design is still what I use as a fursona, but his personality and traits aren't that similar to me, lol.


Collection of three AIs controlling a nonsentient body, living with Zach and Arlynn (Finnian's siblings). Works an office job.

Gallery (WIP)

Full name: CERBERUS 0.3v6iT1992
Age: ~30
Gender: N/A (it/its)
Height/weight: 6'3" 200lbs
Build: Average-thin, lanky
Race: Machine running on crappy Debian distribution. (Old pictures are white with freckles, changed to plain metal)

Full name: (Finnian Vantas)
Nickname: Fin(n)
Gender: robot guy (he/him)
Sexuality: gay

Personality: Ultra Magnus if he was cool. Levelheaded and logical with a sharp tongue and a strong moral code, will help out people even if he doesn't like interaction.
Friends: Sebastian, Coriander, Avi
Music taste: Modern classical, ambient

Cool and hip? Not really, but you like him anyway.
Will eat the pickles off your sandwich? yes but only because they would go in the trash otherwise
Can dance/sing? Yes and yes. Sounds vaguely like KAITO.
Read Homestuck? Yes, but he doesn't want to talk about it.
Memes that describe them: “sometimes we throw stuff at kevin” vine. he’s kevin and zach and arlynn are the others

Extra notes: One of my older characters, circa 2015.

Full name: Dv3.02.exe
Nickname: Dune
Gender: malware (they/it)
Sexuality: AAUUUUGH

Personality: Does all the work in the group project, but you dont think theyre doing anything because they're so quiet and look so annoyed. Strong-willed and confident, surprisingly easy going.
Friends: Vince, Zal, Finley, Fennel
Music taste:

Cool and hip? Cooler than most
Will eat the pickles off your sandwich? No, doesn't like them.
Can dance/sing? No, yes (has fun with its voice modulator)
Read Homestuck? Yes, no comment.
Memes that describe them: “gender and sex are the same thing? i don’t remember having gender with your mom last night”

Extra notes:Was originally a malware “update” for Finnian, and they still kind of are but this time it’s more like theyre just living in his head lol

Full name:
Nickname: Romy
Gender: robot lady (she/her)
Sexuality: lesbian

Personality: Your emotionally distant mother who still genuinely wants to help you. Therapy bot, warn and practical.
Friends: Fennel, Azalia, Zal, Coriander
Music taste:

Cool and hip? Tries to be, isn't.
Will eat the pickles off your sandwich? Will politely decline.
Can dance/sing? Yes, and will teach you + not really.
Read Homestuck? No, deleted it from her partition of the hard drive.
Memes that describe them: “I’m a healer, but…”

Extra notes:Weird rogue therapy bot, kind of based off the bot app I used as an e-diary for a couple years in 2018.


Plant guy who cannot decipher how a mobile phone touchscreen works. Laid back and friendly. Lives with Grayson, works part-time at a greenhouse.


Full name: Coriander Leijon
Nickname: Cori
Age: ?? (~30)
Gender: plant (he/they/it)
Height/weight: 6'3" 170lbs
Build: Skinny, relatively out of shape
Sexuality: Sure, why not (nobody knows and nobody wants to ask)
Race: (points) white

Personality:Seems mysterious, but is really just a bit out of touch with everything. Drinks wine. Romance novel critic. Social introvert.
Friends:Vince, Grayson
Music taste: folk, dad rock

Cool and hip? pretty cool, not hip
Will eat the pickles off your sandwich? yes, but will grimace
Can dance/sing?yes / yes
Read Homestuck? No...
Memes that describe them: this also dad humor

Extra notes: originally conceived as a kind of aesthetic teen and now hes just like. weird indie dude. i like him and for some reason i draw him with very few articles of clothing on. a little slutty


Goat girl with her heart on her sleeve. Works as an instructor at a local gym, lives with Abi.


Full name: Fennel
Nickname: Fen / Knee(Abi)
Age: ~25
Gender: trans woman (she/her)
Height/weight: 5'5" 150lbs
Build: Short and compact, trying to keep her muscle through HRT
Sexuality: bi, female lean
Race: mountain goat (carnivorous)

Personality: haruhara haruko FLCL if she was emo and tired, the mature one. Calm extrovert, older-sister type.
Friends: Abi (bff), Zach, Vince, Zal
Music taste: Prog/alt rock/metal/eurobeat

Cool and hip? Neutral cool, fairly hip
Will eat the pickles off your sandwich? mmmm picle
Can dance/sing? a little + yes, her projection is great
Read Homestuck? no but she can play a great megalovania riff
Memes that describe them: fmab MOMS MAKING STEW TONIGHT, “gripping food with force” twitter

Extra notes: voiceclaim penny snapcube


Amateur game speedrun streamer with the driest humor known to man. Lives with Cori, works part-time as a hospital janitor.

Gallery (WIP he's been around forever he just got redesigned a lot)

Full name: Finley Grayson
Nickname: Gray
Age: ~22
Gender: trans guy (he/him)
Height/weight: 5'5" 130lbs
Build: slim
Sexuality: ace spec, bi
Race: Japanese/French

Personality:up for pranks, extrovert and laid back
Friends: Cori, Zach
Music taste: video game OSTs, metal, EDM

Cool and hip? very hip, very cool
Will eat the pickles off your sandwich? only if he really needs to
Can dance/sing? Yes
Read Homestuck? Likes the soundtrack, never read the comic
Memes that describe them: guy on bus playing halo on a huge TV

Extra notes: Weirdly undeveloped for being such an old character. I’ve had him around since 2016, but this iteration of him is pretty new. For some reason has gold blood, I’m scrapping the yellow eyes but he used to have those. wears a mask sometimes. Also, Finley and Grayson used to be different characters. No idea why. Also, he’s a Twitch streamer. He gets around 500 viewers average per stream.


Bug kid who has energy for days. Lives with Avi.


Full name: Leonard
Nickname: Leo
Age: ~14
Gender: small man (he/him)
Height/weight: 5'5", 125lbs
Build: short, round-faced
Race: mixed Indian/white

Personality: mixes coke and mentos, overreactionary in a funny way.
Friends: Arlynn (bff)
Music taste: Whatever Arlynn gets from Zach and Vince

Cool and hip? epic and COOL
Will eat the pickles off your sandwich? no, they're gross
Can dance/sing? yes, in a coolkid way
Read Homestuck? No....
Memes that describe them if a man likes you for your legs thighs and brest. send his ass to KFC

Extra notes: I think this guy just... spawned. I don’t remember designing him, but I know for a fact I did?


Tired, sarcastic man who has seen too much shit, but will not hesitate to help you with your biology homework. Lives with his younger half-brother Zal, works night shift at a restaurant.

Gallery (WIP)

Full name: Vincent West
Nickname: Vince
Age: ~26
Gender: guy (he/him)
Height/weight: 5'6" 170lbs
Build: Stocky, pear body type
Sexuality: arospec + gay
Race: Chinese American

Personality: Just out of his scene/emo phase, still wears the tight clothes. Mildly unstable. has RBF, very introverted
Friends: Zach (bff)
Music taste: drone/doom metal, avant garde, hyperpop

Cool and hip? average hip
Will eat the pickles off your sandwich? no, gross
Can dance/sing? No, yes
Read Homestuck? Yes, he was there for Cascade
Memes that describe them: him in high school and also the tired smoking guy reaction image

Extra notes: my man. him and zal both went through a lot. as in he was literally an axolotl fursona for the first year I created him and then I was like “lol wat if he was human” and then. now he's human fulltime. he used to have healing powers or something but that got scrapped. he also has some rectangular glasses that i don’t draw him with. I never draw his hair the same way, it’s brown, straight, and he bleaches it white.


Gamer guy cyborg who will dismember himself for a joke. Lives with his older brother Finnian and younger sister Arlynn, works second shift at a sandwich place.


Full name: Zachary Vantas
Nickname: Zach / Z (Vince)
Age: ~23
Gender: guy-aligned (he/they)
Height/weight:5'8" 160lbs
Build: Balanced, stocky.
Sexuality: bisexual
Race: African-American, cyborg with plant arms

Personality: Your older brother who plays too much TF2 and knows all the cheat codes for Tony Hawk. Gamer. Repressed, trying to get through it. Friendly introvert.
Friends: Abi (partner), Vince (bff), Finley
Music taste: Video game soundtracks, whatever Abi plays in the card, absolutely no Vocaloid (lie).

Cool and hip? Cooler than he thinks.
Will eat the pickles off your sandwich? Yes, but will gag on it
Can dance/sing? Yes + only in a choir.
Read Homestuck? Yes. Big fan of Alpha Dave.
Memes that describe them: toy story 2(?) bit where buzz hits woody with his arm

Extra notes: conceived in 2016 as a tumblr sexyman ass whiteboy based on sans undertale and photoshop flowey. he sucked. now he is friendly and I love him so dearly


Extroverted guy who has never missed an hour of sleep. Lives with his brother Vince, works the floor at a furniture store.

Gallery (WIP)

Full name: Zal West
Nickname: Z
Age: ~21
Gender: dude (he/him)
Height/weight: 5'10", 160lbs
Build: broad shouldered and wider than he looks
Sexuality: ???women
Race: Chinese American

Personality: himbo and knows it. if someones being weird to you at a party hes the one to stop them. funny in the adhd way
Friends: gets along with everyone
Music taste: power metal, whatever the hell electronic bullshit. Also, shibuya-kei

Cool and hip? pretty cool but overdoes it
Will eat the pickles off your sandwich? yes, will eat anything
Can dance/sing? yes/yes
Read Homestuck? No, but knows from osmosis (Vince)
Memes that describe them: “me, eating the chess pieces while he’s not looking” also the dude in the “the floor is (x)” memes

Extra notes: another redeemed white boy edgelord guy like Zach. wow


Not in the same timeline/story unless otherwise noted.


Based on the IBM RS/6000 SP chess supercomputer of the same name. Tends to dress and speak formally, a bit of a hardass but friendly. He/it.



ULTRAKILL V model characters, manufactured pre- and post- V1/2 production. Do not separate them.


X0 / Lilith is based on modern-day robots. it has very low vision (can only see in shades of black and white, with rudimentary software for recognizing shapes) and its mobility is average, but with above-average running speed; it’s top heavy and the wings are for balance. it’s made mostly of aluminum with some steel, and can run off of both electricity and blood (but is unable to utilize a lot of the blood’s content).
it’s an amalgamate from existing robot prototypes made before the V models, but later gained sentience from a software upgrade. it is not particularly smart, and is both jaded and foolhardy from age, but its lightness allows it to move quicker than most bots and take down foes larger than itself if needed (or if it wants. which it does)

A3 / Eden is based on both the V models and the mass production Evangelion units, with the defensive ability of V2 yet the agility of V1. its wings are for faster and more precise air movement (as well as for show). it’s mostly made of specially-produced porous steel for optimum blood absorption; its limbs can also generate power with movement.
it is essentially a fully upgraded V model, a final version that would have been engineered (if the Vs were successful / the new peace didn't end) as an all-purpose defense/police/war android, to be programmed by the user company as fit. A3 specifically was created sentient and can speak a variety of languages, albeit not well. it is powerful, but dislikes fighting, losing its arm in a previous scuffle.

both are likely the last and only of their kind; X0 was a simple proof-of-concept and A3 was too costly compared to other defensive units. they are either too weak or simply unwilling to delve into the depths of hell, so they stay on the surface, slowly picking their way through the remains of civilization