Title Redacted (TR for short) is a sci-fi webcomic about a guy who has a really bad headache.
...And also some other things, like mind-altering parasites, interspecies office drama, gaslighting, sad girls, and an alien with a rifle who should absolutely not have a rifle. TR is heavily inspired by media like Half-Life, Homestuck, and the SCP Foundation; and features an original cast of characters, creatures, and, if all goes as planned, a coherent plot.


Your name is D-3143. You're a human, working at the first and only subsidiary of the SCP Foundation on the planet Alternia. The work Site-A-01 does is simple enough: contain supernatural anomalies of exploitable nature.

Your work there is even simpler, at the price of being less glamorous: cafe floor mopping at best, viscera cleanup at worst.
You've sustained no visible injuries, but your memory is full of holes, and you're plagued with incessant migraines. Unlike your friends, who are eager to finish their month of testing and cleanup work and re-enter society, you can no longer remember anything about the life you lived before you started working at the site.
The only surviving reminders of your previous life are a green bracelet on your left wrist and a switchblade with the initials E.R. engraved into its wooden handle.

One late night in the Alternian dark seasons, you're woken up by one of the alien scientists, who introduces himself as Dr. T(|-}4+ Omnixe. He explains that that you were |\|+39.-4|_0|\|(3 4 1 P4.{0|_||\||)-+ 0|= +3}{ p10|\| 4z \|/3|||A|_|_ 4Z }{1z |)34.- p}{.-13|\||), and that he's here to help you regain the life you don't remember you had.
Most of what he says inexplicably turns to muffled gibberish in your ears, but before you can explain that to him he's already pulling you away, and soon enough you're pulled into a mess much larger than you ever could have imagined.
Who were you before you became a lab rat? Who is Dr. Omnixe, and why can't you hear what he's saying? Who is "E.R."?

And most importantly right now, what happened in the containment breach?


I'd like to release the first update on MSPFA some time in 2022, but that could easily change.

My current plan is to post updates serially, one section at a time as opposed to weekly or monthly.
This is for a few reasons: to avoid unintentional cliffhangers, so I don't have to stress over "the next update" while in the midst of schoolwork or other projects, and so I can release it in the best quality possible.


Item Completion status
Storyboards for Chapter 0 Very roughly complete
Site Maps (2D layouts) Major layouts complete, workshopping visuals
Plot skeleton/timelines Plot A overview complete(?), C plot overview is being worked on, who knows about the B plot
Detailed/3D mapping ???
Character references references for various new SCPs Complete unless I'm forgetting something (very likely)
last updated Jul 5 2021


Will I need prior knowledge of [reference media] to understand TR?

Nope. Anything important related to either media will be explained in-comic; no million-word prerequisites here.

How long will the comic be?

Judging by the size of my draft, roughly around the size of Problem Sleuth or Ruby Quest, so around 1k pages and 50k-30k words by the time it's finished... Maybe.

What genre is it?

Action/adventure with horror/psychological elements.

Will TR accept user commands, a la classic text adventure games?

It's likely. The overall story progression is scripted, but command boxes may be included for segments where readers could ask characters questions, explore a closed area, or other things that flesh out the world and characters.

What do the SCPs look like?

Most/all of the SCPs are plot relevant, so I'd be spoiling things by revealing them fully. For now: some previews.

Feel free to ask more questions about the comic :)

Image gallery coming.... whenever I get to coding it.