Project work is currently on a small hiatus, likely until 2023-4.
Never planning on abandoning this project, but college schedules are hell.

OVERTIME (or Ego Breaks Her Way Out of His Own Head) is a sci-fi webcomic about an amnesiac janitor... and some other things, like ego death, office drama, sad girls, questionable electronics, and robots; inspired by media like Half-Life, the SCP Foundation, and SOMA.


Your name is Martin Heywood. You work at Site-A-01, a small government facility nestled in the mountains; the staff's current project, researching an archeological discovery of mechanical origin. Despite the essential top-secret nature of the site's work, your job there is rather plain: janitorial work; monotonous but well-paying.
Your memory is full of holes. Unlike your friends, who are ever-eager to leave their jobs and return home, you can no longer remember anything about the life you lived before you started working and living at the site. The only surviving reminder of your previous life is a green bracelet on your left wrist, with the letters E.R. stitched on the inner side.

One late night at the end of your shift, a man you've never seen before walks up to you. He introduces himself as T(|-}4+ Omnixe, and he explains that |\|+39.-4|_0|\|(3 4 1 P4.{0|_||\||)- + 0|= +3}{ p10|\| 4z \|/3|||A|_|_ 4Z {1z |)34.- p}{.-13|\||).

His speech inexplicably turns to muffled gibberish in your ears, but before you can explain that to him he's already pulling you away, and soon you're pulled into a mess much larger than you ever could have imagined.
Who were you before? Who is Omnixe, and why are you unable to hear what he's saying? What does E.R. stand for?

And most importantly, what's loose in Site-A-01?


I'd like to release the first update (likely here on Neocities, a la DECT) some time within the next few years.

My current plan is to post updates serially, one section at a time as opposed to weekly or monthly.
This is for a few reasons: to avoid unintentional cliffhangers, so I don't have to stress over "the next update" while in the midst of other projects, and so I can release it in the best quality possible.

OT's genre is action/adventure with horror/psychological elements, and judging by the size of the first draft, it will be roughly around the size of Problem Sleuth or Ruby Quest, (around 1k pages and 10k-30k words by the time it's finished... maybe).

I'm writing the A plot, as well as doing the art, and catboycephalopod is writing the B plot.


Item Completion status
Plot skeleton/timelines Planned out and being reworked as we go.
Character references Done!
Script Prologue finished, first chapter in progress!
Maps 1/3 complete
last updated Jul 8 2022


Right click -> open image in new tab for larger. Graphic design is my passion.